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Sailing Charters

19 March

Captain-Jacks-YachtSailing Charters

People sometimes ask me about Sailing charters in the local area. There are basically two ways to go. I highly recommend them both.

One is the catamaran sunset cruise that takes you and about 20 people out in the afternoon. You sail to a snorkelling spot and dive for a while. Snacks and drinks are included. You return just as the sun sets. This is a nice afternoon of cruising and I recommend it.

If you want to go with a private charter there is a sailing charter that goes for $500 for the afternoon run by Jack Warmenhoven. Jack will take you and your small group anywhere. This is a much more personal tour, again with snacks and drinks included. If you have at least 5 people it is well worth it to be on the private tour. Contact Jack at

A new website for Loma Del Sol Tropical Cottage

18 February

howler-monkeyA New Website

I thought it was time to have a dedicated website designed for my cottage in Costa Rica. Launching this site will allow my future guests to have more information available from one place. I have endeavoured to cover everything I can think of about the immediate area and beyond. I will continue to add to this site where I find local information will be of value to you.

If you have any suggestions for anything else you would like to see included then just contact me by email.