Activities in and around Playa Potrero

Activities in and around Playa Potrero, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

There are a range of activities to pursue in the area close to the cottage. Whether you are looking for quiet relaxation, adventure or high energy sports, you will find it all in close proximity of Loma Del Sol Tropical Cottage – making it a fantastic location as a base for all kinds of activities and excursions.

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Water Activities

Jet Skiing, Sailing, Swimming, Snorkeling/Diving, Surfing, Kayaking, Wind-Surfing, Boating, Shelling, Fishing, Rafting

If you love clear clean warm water this is a place you will love to be active. The sailing and windsurfing are excellent as there are some steady offshore winds most days.

Sunset and snorkel tours are offered on the bay, as well as scuba diving tours out to the Catalina Islands 5 miles off shore. This is where you are more likely to run into the magnificent giant rays, sea turtles, dolphins and many colourful fish (rather than shark).

Surfing on the next Bay up, Brazilito, can be OK when the waves come up, but better surfing is at Playa Grande and Tamarindo (less than a 45 minute drive away).

Since Potrero Bay is so sheltered, the snorkelling is good when there are no waves. When there are waves the boogie boarding and body surfing is really fun. There are a variety of fishing charter boats as well, for those who want t do some blue water fishing and snag a big fish.

Nearby at Playa Conchal you’ll find rentals for jet skis if that’s what you love. For some fresh water adventure there are whitewater rafting trips. Depending on the class of rafting you want, it can be anywhere from a 2 hour to a 4 hour drive away – that’s a days adventure I would highly recommend!

If, after all that activity, you just want to walk the lovely beaches and do nothing or collect some nice shells there is always that too.

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Activities on Land

Tennis, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Golf, Cycling, Horseback Riding, Sight Seeing, Zoo, Fitness Centre

There are tennis courts across the bay in Flamingo. Enjoy great mountain biking into the local hills, and along the coast (bike rentals are available – but I think they are more beach cruisers than mountain bikes).

We love hiking up to the top of the nearby mountain as a road leads to a castle-like home being built on the top there – the views are worth it (it is actually another climate up there). Also the hikes along the beach and along the coast around the bay are really wonderful.

If you love horses, our nearby neighbour Marvin rents horses and offers horse tours. There is a fitness center near Flamingo (a 10 minute drive away). I find there is too much to do outdoors to go inside to work out, but it is available.

For sightseeing, within a few hours you have a myriad of places to visit. The historic colonial towns of Liberia, Santa Cruz, and Nicoya are within a one hour drive.

Rincon de la Vieja Volcano Park is a 45 minute drive past Liberia. As well as volcanic activities it also has hot spring and waterfalls. 

Within a 2-3 hour drive you can visit the Cloud Forest at Monteverde, caving adventures, class 3 rafting, and the African Animal Park. Don’t miss the incredible blue waters of the Rio Celeste River with its blue waterfall.

The most active volcano in Central America is Arenal, and is on most tourists’ trip itineraries. It has a beautiful lake and fabulous hot springs that are at the foot of the volcano.

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Wildlife Viewing

Birds/Parrots, Monkeys, Turtles, Iguanas, Armadillos, and many more

There is a wide assortment of animals and birds in the area. One of the most memorable things to witness is the giant Leatherback turtles laying their eggs in the sand on the beach at night. This happens regularly at some of the beaches within a 1 hour drive.

Monkeys are everywhere, especially when the mangoes come in season as there are many mango trees in the village and the monkeys drop by to enjoy them.

The brilliant blue crowned Mott Mott can be seen right on the property. Once you know its call, you can track them down. The nearby estuary can be filled with all sorts of colourful birds such as you have never seen.

The local squirrels, iguanas, parrots, armadillos, deer, and geckos are around. This is really a photographers paradise.

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Retail Therapy / Relaxation

Shopping, Restaurants, Health/Beauty Spa

There is grocery shopping in the nearby village, also some unique stores in the Italian Village Plaza near Potrero Village. Flamingo/Brazilito and a bit further off at Tamarindo there are a variety of shopping opportunities.

There are about a dozen restaurants near the Village of Potrero, some of which are Italian, and more restaurants in Flamingo and Brazilito. One of the closest restaurants is called Mar Y Sol and they have a great chef serving up some of the local cuisine at reasonable prices.

There are many bars nearby if you want to go out for a drink. There is also a Casino and a bit of night life across the bay in Flamingo. There are a few local Latin bands and some great musicians from Canada and the USA who also play gigs at the local restaurants, and usually you can dance.

Not to be missed are the summer fiestas in all the little towns with many activities such as horse parades, bull riding, live music, dancing, and local food – all for reasonable prices. Potrero has their festival activities the first week in February, and Brazilto I believe has theirs about 2 weeks afterwards.

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